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Can you link me to the tutorial you used to make your letters for the castle doors? I'd love to make something like that for myself and I think yours look so full and less flat like others I've seen. Thanks!

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    There isn't an actual tutorial for the letters, I did it on my own. However, I did learn how to make the flowers from a pomander tutorial. Clickyyyy

    However, instead of using the wire (not needed since you're not stuffing it into Styrofoam), I just stapled it in the middle. I also used two different tissue paper patterns - one that was a plain light pink and the other had a really pretty vintage flower pattern. I'd recommend using two different ones, it has a really nice effect. Make sure you stack them one after the other - one pink, one flower, one pink, one flower, etc. I think I used 8 little squares for each flower. I actually got the two patterns together in one of those small packs from the dollar store. I think I ended up using 2 1/2 packs (the flowers are PACKED on there). Seriously, there are probably at least 150 flowers between the two letters. Hot glue them onto the paper mache box letters and you're golden. Post pics when you finish! :)

    Oh, and if you have interesting initials, make sure you hang them appropriately. As my (very Mormon) mother pointed out, I'll need to hang them as JB, not BJ. :) I also looked back at your post and you mentioned how full mine are - I definitely credit it to the two different papers, 8 pieces in one flower, and packing them on the letters. Good luck!
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  • You have made me nervous to start that now! It sounds like a ton of work! Like hours and hours....I'm going to have to get brave!
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