Shoes & Under Garments, Etc.

So my dress came in this week!  But my fitting appointment is not until the end of the month for some reason.  They informed me to bring my shoes, under garments, etc.  I have NONE of that so far.  I thought you just buy the undergamrents there?  Where should I buy a strapless bra that'll be comfortable for the whole day?  Or do I buy a bodice thing?  I have NO idea.  My dress is NOT strapless so I suppose I shouldnt be too concerned with pulling it up all day.

Also, where should I look for shoes?  Ive looked online at zappos, endless, shoebuy, piperlime and haven't found anything.  I am quite picky as I am almost the same height as FI so I am looking for a kitten heel, preferrably peep toe.  But I am convinced these don't exist at the height I want (1.5 inches or less).  Help please!

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    Your dress is in!  How exciting!  I hope you will show pictures when you go in for your fitting.

    I rely on Spanx for all undergarment/shaper sitautaions.  What is the strap configuration on your dress?  Tank, halter, one shoulder?  That may dictate the bra that you get.  Maybe a multi way bra (like VS 7 way bra, which is also comfortable) would be your best option.

    I think online shopping for shoes is a good idea because you can sort by your prefences, like color and heel height.  If you are doing white shoes, the bridal shop you got your dress in will most likely have a bunch of options too and you can show up a few minutes early to your fitting and pick out a pair then.  They have all types of heel heights too.

    Good luck!

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    I get all of my bras at Soma in Ross Park Mall. They're strapless bras are fantastic and really well made. As for shoes, I have my eye on a pair if blue Kate Spades :)
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    I am having cups sewn into my dress so the bra doesn't make any appearances.  My dress is also strapless though, so you may actually be more comfortable with a bra that works for your dress.  I always have the best luck at VS.

    My shoes are from Norstrom.  I love their shoe selection!  If you search online, you can sort by various categories including color and heel height.  They also have a very wide range of brands and price ranges.
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    Also, join Ruelala, Hautelook, or etc.  They often have really great deals on shoes!  Just last week they had Badgley Mischka's for 50% off retail!  If I hadn't already purchased my wedding shoes I would have snapped up a pair myself.  I've ordered from all three websites and my items arrived pretty quickly.  I think Hautelook took the longest.
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