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Sorry I didn't respond to your post earlier, but yes I received the info you sent on Arthur Murray. Thanks so much! That's really strange why it showed that although earlier in the week my account was all messed up as it showed my wedding date in February of 2013 and my fiance's name as Lee lol :)

I also wanted to say kudos on your posts from a couple of days ago over on the HM board re. that "dangerous locations" article. I agree with you completely and wish people would look beyond the fun in the sun sometimes and see the real issues that exist in some of these countries.
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Maui, November 2011

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    Ok, glad it worked!  Ahh, the knut.

    And ha, I was worried I should step off my soapbox a little bit there, but that is one issue that really gets my goat.  Sometimes people don't understand the distinction between "being safe in your resort" vs being informed about the country you're going to.  Thank you :)

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