How is fleury?  Is he doing any better?

And, did you find a home for the kitten?

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    thanks for asking!  I'll give a full update tomorrow- but I'm just waiting for FI to pick me up so we can go get him!  He's being released at 6 today! I'm so excited!!!

    And we found a nice home for the kitten in Baltimore! He's being pickedup at our house next thursday- so we'll be back to a normal 3 healthy cat home!
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    That's such good news, on both fronts.

    I'm sure Fleury will be so happy to be home with you guys and his siblings tonight.  I'm so happy for you.
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    **butting in**

    So glad to hear that Fleury is doing well and coming home soon!  You must be so happy and relieved :)

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