Discount for booking limo at bridal show?

I was just wondering if anyone received a discount when booking a limo at a bridal show or if they ever heard of this happening.  This is the last major thing I need to book.  Thanks in advance!

Re: Discount for booking limo at bridal show?

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    I didn't book at a bridal show, but I did negotiate with my limo company. I researched prices for many companies and then zoned in on the ones that already had the lowest prices. Then I asked what else they could do.


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    yeah, if you talk to the people and get a price list they'll usually knock off like $50 or so if you book that day. i am thinking about stopping down at the bridal show on aug 9th just to see about booking a limo, since it's one of the last major things i need to take care of.i know tortice offered me a discount at the last show, but i wasn't ready to book back in march.
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    Thanks!  I may stop at the Aug. 9th show too!  That is why I was asking.
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