Bad Monday-Work rant! my boss calls me to come in again today-gee i love the summer-and really needs to talk.  She's like, I don't know how to tell you this, but-I have some bad news.  You aren't going to have an aide this year.  I'm sorry but you just don't have enough kids.  I was liek WHAT?  I have 14 special ed kids in 6 different grades, in 11 different classrooms-how will I meet all of there needs?!  Then she says, I'm not done.  We are getting another classroom at shcool, so you're going to have to move.  I said, ok no big deal.  Then she's like, well, it's to the old breezeway.  Well that classroom has NO windows, and it 1/4 the size of my current classroom.  I am soooo upset today.  I don't know what I'm going to do with a tiny hole in the wall and no support.  Just a bad Monday:-(
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Re: Bad Monday-Work rant!

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    Oh wow.  That is terrible news!  14 kids and no aide?!  I think that has to be against state laws!Are you close to any of your parents?  Perhaps one of them could complain once the school year starts?
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    Oh man, I'm sorry you have to deal with all of this, esp. during your summer break! I agree with McBride- maybe you can look into school regulations to see if this is allowed. I have no experience with teaching, esp. special ed, but I admire the people that teach them!
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