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HI Ladies.

Anyone have good reviews for a hair person in the Bethel/Newry area?

Thank you!

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    Sorry - I'm bringing mine with me (she's a friend) so I haven't researched this.   I did find an awesome makeup artist from NH that does airbrush makeup though.  She's expensive, but it's something I think is worth splurging on.  Let me know if you want her info.
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    Thanks for the heads up, but I think Im going to do my own makeup. I get a little nervous about other people applying my face :)

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    There was a bride on here when I first joined who got married in Bethel and used Running With Scissors in Bridgton. Kind of far, butI think they may have come to her. I know she really liked them and her hair was beautiful!

    They don't seem to have a website, but you can Google them.

    ETA: Here's JaimeMarieB's planning bio with a pic of her hair trial. She's not on much anymore but you might be able to PM her...
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    Hi, are you still looking for a hairstylist to do your hair?
    You can try Calvina. She's a professional and amazing freelance hair and makeup artist covering venues across New England area.  She's done a lot of onsite work such as wedding, fashion, and photoshoots. and the rates for her services are reasonable! 
    If you are interested, here is the web site you find more about services:

    OR conatct her at [email protected]

    Good Luck
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