dress alterations in Bangor/midcoast?

So, I posted a few weeks ago that I got my dress from Andrea's.  I am not sure that I'll use their in house alterations, though, because I don't live in Portland.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a seamstress that does wedding dress alterations in the Bangor area or the Belfast area?  Thanks!

Re: dress alterations in Bangor/midcoast?

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    I had my dress altered at Henry's. The lady really tried to push me getting tuxes there as well because I didn't purchase my dress there (they are hung up on this it seems, haha). But she did a great job and will store it til your wedding, plus steam it right before you pick it up.

    So just know that there might be an extra charge for not purchasing the dress there but that money will go towards the tux rental.

    Hopefully people have some other suggestions. I'd also go on google and look up the other bridal shops in Bangor. There are some smaller ones that I know have seamstresses at them.
  • How much did your alterations at Henry's cost?
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