review of meetings I had with DJ/Photographer/caterers

Hey Everyone, My FI and I went to ME during our spring break to meet with people for some wedding planning, and I thought it may be helpful for some other people to hear about it here goes...

 White Flour catering in Hallowell ME. Loved the owner, pricing is in the mid range, but the tasting was strange...she gave us food to heat up at home in "to go" boxes. The salmon was dry and not very good, both appetizers where okay, and the beef dish was cooked beautifully and was very tender.

Danielle Norwood (in readfield ME) Danielle is a sweetheart, really helpful and her pricing is great, I would say in the lower range. She has a very large variety of things to choose from for your menu, but she does not do tastings. I do believe her food would me a more of a "home cooking" feel if you were looking for that type of thing

Chefas catering in Portland- my MIL and future SIL met with this catering company for us because we had to rush to the airport but we were able to taste some of the food. The food was incredible, the only negative thing I have to say is that the communication has been more difficult with this company it takes a long time to hear back from her. Her pricing is in the higher range.

Clare Norton- Clare is really amazing, meeting with her was so enjoyable that before we knew it we had been chatting for 1.5 hours! She did my FI's brother's wedding and they were really happy with the pictures and the professionalism Clare brought to the day.

Samantha Clark- Samantha hasn't been doing wedding photography as long as Clare but she has a good price (1300 for 5 hours) and in that package you get two photographers! We ended up choosing her over Clare only because the price was lower and she had a more artistic view to her photography that my FI (who is a photographer as a hobby) really liked.

The only one we met with was Jeff Rockwell...the guy is a talker, and will talk your ear off! But you can tell he LOVES his job and we decided to go with him because it sounds like he is very organized, helpful, and really cares about the events he does. He also has great reviews online and was suggested by a photographer to us.

Lastly I just wanted to share that the highlight of the trip was that we bought our wedding bands YAY!!!! One big check off of that list!
Hope some of this info helps someone!

Re: review of meetings I had with DJ/Photographer/caterers

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    Awesome!  Thanks for the reviews and congrats on booking some important vendors!  
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    I don't know if you've booked a caterer or not, but I figured I'd add my review of Finest Kind Caterers in Yarmouth, at least to have it in the same thread, since your format is really helpful. 

    We are using Finest Kind for our day before BBQ.  Reasonable pricing, and Virginia is very professional and good at staying on top of email communication.  Our BBQ package includes hamburgers/hot dogs/veggie burgers, 2 salads, 2 veggies, 2 desserts, 1 bread, and drinks.  She had us send her a list of the various sides that we were considering and made some of each for us.  Her mixed bean and potato salads were exceptionally good, and really good desserts (we tried blueberry cake, brownies, and cookies).  She implied that if we did not book her, she would want to be paid for the tasting, but since we booked her, she did not want to be paid for it.  She let us take the leftovers (and even gave me a bunch of frozen veggie burgers to take home, since she said she wouldn't eat them herself before she got a new shipment in). 
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