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Aisle Runner Question

Hi Ladies,

I am having an outside wedding on a golf course, I am debating on an aisle runner or not.  I have picked out my shoes and they have a regular pump style heel and I am worried about them sinking into the ground as I walk... I am also walking myself down the aisle so I won't have someone to lean on in case I trip :)  Do you think an aisle runner would help with this problem, or only make one more thing I will obsess about tripping over? 

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    Skip the aisle runner.  The tripping hazard is not worth it.  You can decorate the aisle in other ways such as lining the aisle with flower petals or hanging pomanders from shepherd hooks.  Google "outdoor wedding aisle decorations" for more ideas.  There are so many beautiful photos for inspiration.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I am planning on doing something with Sheperds hooks, I saw a really pretty picture of plain white smaller paper lanterns, they looked really simple and clean on the hooks.  The main reason I was looking into an aisle runner was to make it easier to walk, but it doesn't sound like it will be any easier... skip the expense and hazard!!
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