I just wanted to let anyone out there know that the Eastland has cancelled all of their 2012 weddings that were on the books.  Although the event coordinator was very apologetic and I understand that hotel renovations do run outside of scope, I am beyond upset. Like, i cried for 2 hours after I got the phone call.  Does this even happen?  OMG!

I basically have to start from scratch with new venue and budget AND find additional room blocks for the 20 reservations that are already booked at the Eastland.... and my wedding is in 7 months.

Good times, ladies.  Good times.  I was just telling Mr. last night " yeah everything is pretty much done except for finalizing a florist"  Ha!

Anyway, im going to book Grace Restaurant this week.  totally cool place but with a completely different vibe which means i have to rework everything.  Cry


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    I had heard about this, I am sorry for your troubles, but on a positive note, you are going to LOVE Grace!!!
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    thank you! i am getting excited, its such a cool interesting place!
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    oh I am so sorry! what a nightmare!   well... I have heard that grace is AMAZING, everything happens for a reason.... you never know!
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    I just learned about the Eastland's closing from Sabin at Grace this past weekend, that is really awful for the brides they had booked. Grace really is amazing, and Sabin is absolutely awesome, you will be very happy with it, but it is really a lousy situation. Best of luck! Oh, and if you need a photographer, look me up :)
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    :( Happened to me too, so I am back at square one.  I'm hoping to get the Ocean Gateway, but I have to wait until November 1st, which is when they start booking for next year.  We are unsure if we want to wait, however it is our 1st choice.  We already have our entertainment and Photographer booked for 8/25/12.  We have about 200 guests on the list, and most places that can accommodate that many people are already booked.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am trying to stay positive in this whole ordeal! 
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    Aw that stinks. So sorry. I looked there too. There is nothing on their website about it. They should probably update that. Good luck with all the planning.. again. I've heard Grace is awesome too.
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