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I am looking for a recommendation for an affordable florist in the Portland area, for only a bouquet for myself and my MOH (goal = less than $75 for both bouquets).  I was originally going to go with a fabric flower bouquet, which my MOH was going to make, but that fell through, and I need a back up option for my wedding in three months.  I am thinking of just grabbing a couple of bouquets from the grocery store the day before and making my own, but the less stress I have the day before, the better.  Does anyone have a good recommendation? Thanks!

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  • A friend of mine used Harmon's and Barton's in Portland for her wedding and said they were very affordable and willing to work with her budget.
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    If you're comfortable making your own, I like the idea of buying them at the grocery store. I have bought beautiful bouquets at Hannaford for centerpieces. You could check with a craft store like Michaels to see what they have for ornamental sprigs like pearls or crystals to dress them up a little.  Good luck!
  • We're using Harmon & Bartons in Westbrook. Regina there does a great job and worked with me to come in under budget (with all the flowers that I had originally wanted).
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  • Thank you for the recommendations.  To avoid additional stress the day before, I decided to visit Harmon and Bartons in Westbrook to see what my options were.  I was pleasantly suprised!  The florist was very flexible and great to work with (and the live-in kitty was an added bonus ;)).  I ended up ordering beautiful bouquets that were better than I expect to be able to afford with my budget. Thanks again for the recommendation!
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