I have only posted on here a few times and just happen to log back into to see if there were any reviews on a vendor my friend is using when i saw your posti had my reception at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum at the beginning of June and I absolutely loved everything about it.  I had the same concerns that you did since i couldnt find any pictures either. The coordinator that we were originally working with left about a month before our wedding but we did not have a single issue with anyone at the museum.  In fact, my husband and i made several comments that night about how accomodating the entire staff was - they definitely went out of their way for us. We were also able to bring in our own caterer even though they typically dont allow it (they might not let anyone anymore since the coordinator we worked with isnt there anymore).  We definitely had to jump through some hoops but we were able to do it, and from what i understand the museum was very helpful for the caterers as well. If you want to see some pics shoot me an email at aka077@yahoo.comI hope that helps!! 

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    Oooh, thanks so much! It is so helpful to know you had such a good experience! The coordinator who works there now is named George, and all I know about him is that he's very quick to reply to e-mails, which is a plus. George tells me no-way, no-how on bringing in another caterer. Bummer. I thought the venue was soooooo unusual and beautiful when i saw it. I will definitely e-mail you! Thanks!
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