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where to start?

ok so my wedding is july 11tth 2013, well thats the date we picked all ive done so far is buy my wedding dress veil. where do I start now?

Re: where to start?

  • budget and guest list.  then venue
  • Ditto southerncutie... the very first thing you should do is sit down with your FI and figure out your budget. Everything else - guest list, venue, food, etc. - all depends on your budget. Don't make the same mistake I did by getting over-excited and looking at/falling in love with venues before even knowing how much we could afford to spend... I got a really rude awakening when I realized that all of the places I was scoping out were not even in the realm of possible! Hehe. So yes... budget budget budget.
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  • PP are on the money (pun intended). Create your 1st budget next. Then start talking a range of guests to invite, which will then allow you to know what space you need in venues. Once you have some ideas about the spaces your are considering, that should give you theme/color ideas that are budget friendly. 
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  • Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement to both of you!

    I'm new to planning as well, but I don't have a date yet since the dates that we had originally liked changed once we talked to vendors and venues.  If you have not chosen a ceremony location and reception place, you might need to be flexible on the dates they give you.

    Starting off with a guest list and budget is very good advice.  You can research some locations to get a general ball park quote of the per person price, but that only includes food and/or alcohol, not all the other additional options that you may be using.

    Good luck and happy planning!
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