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(UPDATED) meeting with venue tomorrow!

Fi and I are meeting with our venue to talk about a prospective floral budget, table setup and centerpiece ideas. Im sooo excited I cant stinkin wait! Cross your crossables its all in budget!

Update:  sooo...to keep it short and sweet let us just say that I am not too happy with our meeting. I can not justify spending 800-1200$ on flowers that will get used once (some twice because we will be using some for RD centers the night before)  I even compromised by doing half cp's with the cascading chandelier effect and the other half just submerged flowers to keep the cost down. Even though that quote also alots for my bouquet, bouts and girls flowers, Id really like to think of some other type of alternative. (diy'ing is out of the question cause I suck at putting stuff together) 

Time to sell a kidney.....
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Re: (UPDATED) meeting with venue tomorrow!

  • Yay good luck!

    I am meeting with our *almost* florists again today with my mom & wedding planner =)

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  • Exiciting! I think there are some great checklists out there as well to help with initial questions. I know real simple weddings has a great one.
  • Have fun! Let us know how it goes. :) 
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  • Ahhh so stresful :( I am with you on not spending a ridiculous amount on flowers. One of my FI's friend's spent $8k on theirs. $8K!!!!!!! They die sooo fast. I want to spend money on things that last or make memories like the honeymoon. Anyway- I think the DIY board had had some good ideas. If you have a theme you can play into it as well. I've seen some people do balloons on the tables. And my sister did fake flowers. I know I know sounds terrible right? I actually suggested it after I saw someone putting them together at a craft store and they looked amazing. Some of the flowers looked so real people were telling her she was lieing when she told them. She didn't tell anyone ahead of time so no one had pre-made judgements and she saved a TON. Also, her flowers will last forever. I still have my bouquet and a centerpiece. I think you can do something great with a lot of candles too and some flotating flowers which you suggested in your post.
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  • Kay, i considered silk flowers but i found that 1 id hate to order one or two just to see what it looks like or even a whole bunch for trial run and then 2 have to return it all. My mom is extremly crafty but I dont want her to do much for the wedding...see reasons 1 and 2 lol I guess for me it comes down to a matter or convenience.
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  • $8K for flowers?! To each her own... but I think that is nuts. 

    My best friend actually did fake flowers for her wedding, and they came out beautifully. You couldn't even tell that they were fake. She was lucky to have a really crafty friend volunteer to do it all for free though. All my bestie did was purchase the flowers she wanted (and supplies) at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. She spent probably 1/4 of what she would have spent on the real deal. 

    Ugh... why do flowers have to be so expensive? :(
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    We are spending around 6K for the florals but i do agree that it is a bit much - flowers are expensive. 

    That sucks that the meeting didnt go as expected. You dont have to do flowers for your centrepiece. You can do something with candles, candles always have a very elegant look to them. My FI's friend's sister got married recently and they made centrepieces that cost $3 each and they were beautiful. They used tree bark and hollowed it out and put a candle in it.

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2013-weddings_meeting-with-venue-tomorrow?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:a322ad2c-25cd-4d52-b123-096e1e4ecda5Discussion:6d70b35f-4e87-4885-b3be-c2515cc162bcPost:e58ba818-5e5e-4d3a-ac02-5e01a5c2186a">Re: (UPDATED) meeting with venue tomorrow!</a>:
    [QUOTE]  Ugh... why do flowers have to be so expensive? :(
    Posted by Chels&Jimmy[/QUOTE]

    Seriosuly- why does everything wedding have to be so crazy expensive.
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  • because you put the word wedding into it lol and pple jack it up
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