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Engagement Pic Outfits. . .

. . . they're this weekend and I'm freaking out! I'm also bored at work and playing on Polyvore. :) We get two hours with the photog and are planning on 3 outfits. So, here's what I am currently planning on for engagement pictures. . .

1) Dressy outfit: this is the coat I bought, but in black. The dress I have is this color and length, but it has a zipper on the front and a subtle floral pattern (it's also poplin, and not jersey so it has more structure). I'll be pinning a flower to my coat and be wearing black tights. FH will be in black dress pants, and a grey v-neck sweater with a dress shirt and tie underneath. 

 2) Less dressy outfit: These are the exact pants and tank I have, my cream sweater is much "creamier" and has chiffon flowers along the left collar. My shoes are a smiilar pewter color. FH will be in khaki's and a striped henley. 

3. Causal outfit: FH and I both went to the same college and while we didn't meet there, we met BECAUSE of there. So, in our last outfit we'll both be wearing hoodies from our Alma Matter (pretend that C is a G :))with jeans and tennies. Walker will also join in on the photo taking fun at this point. (we may have him in some of our dressy/causal pics too) 

Thoughts? I have to pack when I get home from work, so if you have any ideas or changes let me know! :) 

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