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Aaaannnddd???? How did the epics go? Im dying to know!!!!
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Re: Mallory

  • Me too!!!!

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  • They went so well! We hit way more locations around the city and did more poses than I ever dreamed we would get to do in just the 2 hours we were with the photographer. It was so fun having all the focus be in FH and I, cuddling, laughing, and kissing. I am DYING to see a sneak peek and have been stalking her FB, twitter, and Instagram since we left the shoot hoping for a glimpse of one of our shots. The ones she showed us on her camera so we could get a feel of what she was doing were PHENOMENAL and made me so excited to see more. :-D Thank you ladies for thinking of us!

  • ahaha I agree. It's taken allll my willpower to not call/txt/email/stalk my photogs since the e-session! We haven't even seen a peek yet and it's been ten days!!! ::dying::

    I'm glad it went well!
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