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Beach or Church Wedding??

Hi everyone, Im new to this site as well as newly engaged. My fiance and I are trying to get ideas for the wedding to at least start planning a little bit but we have come to a pretty large bump in the road. We have both grown up Catholic and have gone to Catholic school our whole lives. His family is VERY religious and all about the customs and traditions where mine is very open to whatever I want because they say after all it is my wedding and our decision.  I want to have a beach wedding and have always dreamed of a smaller wedding with close family and friends.  I would rather spend the money on those people and have nicer things than have tons of people that I dont even know.  My fiance would like his grandparents to be there who are older and ill. They live in Indiana and we live in NM, so either way they are going to have to travel to make it to our wedding but he says they wouldn't fly, only drive which eliminates my dream wedding in Hawaii.  We were set on that destination for a long while until recently when he told me he may want to go back to the Church wedding idea. On another note, the Catholic church requires that if you marry in the church you must raise your family up Catholic as well.  I dont necessarily want to make that commitment now that I have come to appreciate Christian churches as well.  I am soooo stuck and don't know what to do or what decision to make. I would love to hear any opinions you would like to send my way! HELP!!!!

Oh also I have no idea how much the estimated cost is of either of those weddings so if you know that too, that might help my situation!

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