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September 2012 Weddings

Is this weird?

Do you think it is weird to have a winter wonderland theme wedding in Sept? I want white and ice blue everything and silver sparkles everywhere! And a lighting company I found does snow falling on you for your first dance!

Re: Is this weird?

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    Yeah, I gotta say if I was a guest I'd think it was a little strange.  Why get married in September then?  If you want a winter theme, prices are SO MUCH cheaper in January/February!

    Also, I've heard of someone doin the snow falling on them.  They said it smelled bad - you know how fog machines have a funky smell?  Same smell.



  • You can still have a September wedding with ice blue and white.  The colors don't need to be exact to the season.

    I just wouldn't make it a winter theme.  You venue might not like the snow machine and it does smell pretty bad. 

    You can have the lighting company make the room sparkle without having it be snow.  I've seen the galaxy, cherry blossoms that look like they're swaying in the breeze, stars, clouds.  There's so much you can do with your colors.

    If you really want a winter wedding do it in the winter.
  • Honestly, yeah it is weird. It is like having a beach theme in Vermont at a ski lodge.

    I would say your colors are jsut fine, but snow flakes and such wouldn't go very well with the warm weather you will still be experiencing in CA. 

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  • Thanks for the input guys! I think I will just stick with the colors and forget the theme.
  • I think its your day, you get one wedding day and you should do whatever you want! who cares about the date and what the guests think, its your day not theirs and there will always be critics no matter what you decide to do.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2012-weddings_this-weird?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:28aa0c2e-a7c2-4811-b1bd-cad48c9a4c63Post:31fb7b28-637a-46ca-9bf4-f314cb9c54c6">Re: Is this weird?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think its your day, you get one wedding day and you should do whatever you want! who cares about the date and what the guests think, its your day not theirs and there will always be critics no matter what you decide to do.
    Posted by StephLanz91[/QUOTE]

    Yeaaaaah, but I feel like the "it's your day, do what you want" mentality is a cop out that tries to allow a bride to forget the comfort of her guests.  You want people to remember your day fondly - they don't have to like all the details (and not everyone will, you're right) but the comfort and entertainment of your guests should be a top priority.  Plus I don't think the bride wants to remember her first dance as smelling musty while surrounded by fake snow!  And then have her guests slip on it when they join the dance floor.

    If you want to do whatever you want with no regard for your guests, then don't have guests - elope.  If you invite people, it's your responsibility to make sure they're comfortable.  Sure, if the bride really wanted to do a winter wonderland theme, then go for it, but she asked if people would think it's weird and yeah, people will probably think it's weird.

    Having those colors is perfectly fine, though!



  • I say do what ever you want its your wedding, they are supposed to be about fullfilling both of your fantasies right? i think that sounds beautiful, and if its a sunny day the light will look spectacular off shimmering whites and ice blues... ooohhh pretty : )
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  • Its your wedding.  If you have the problem I do with out of state guests who maybe won't be able to drive to attend in the middle of winter weather than I can see why you may want a winter theme.

    I'm sort of having the same issue.  We were planning a mid-Oct wedding with a fall theme but are now having a Labor Day weekend wedding (the venue we want does a Haunted House all of Oct and does not do Oct weddings at all and Labor Day weekend was the only "fall" date they had available other than Nov dates).

    So my issue now is do we still have a fall theme over Labor Day weekend or do we just say heck with the perfect venue and find someplace else.

    I'm thinking now of having more of a harvest theme with sunflowers and apples instead of wheat and pumpkins.  Its a compromise of the theme I really wanted with the venue I really wanted.
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  • What about having confetti fall around you while you dance?  Or white rose petals?  It wouldn't be fake snow, you could still have the same effect and others would think the rose petals aren't as odd as fake snow in Sept.  Just an idea.
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