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September 2012 Weddings

When do I do these things...?

Okay so I know a lot of you have already done these, but because I'm doing it kind of different I'm wondering when I should start tackling them...

1. The BM dresses. I have 3 girls and have told them that I'm letting them choose their own dresses, but I'd let them know criteria when it came time. I'm thinking a royal blue and around knee length. I'm not sure about fabrics, but something flowy and what they're comfortable in. I don't care about matching colors perfectly or shapes, etc. I just want them to get something that looks good and they are comfortable in (and can afford!). So... when should I tell them this? And how should I tell them? Should I scope the internet and look for some dresses I like and say "Like this." Or... how would this go?

2. Florist. As I mentioned in a previous thread, we're only doing bouquets (maybe bouts, haven't decided) for flowers. I'm going to ask a local supermarket that I've seen good reps for on my local board to do them. When should I talk to someone? I don't know how that would go at a supermarket...?

I'm so confused as to when I should start dealing with these things! Help?

Re: When do I do these things...?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: When do I do these things...? : I work for Wegmans too, lol. Not in the floral department though.
    Posted by jessa1228[/QUOTE]

    Side note:  I miss Wegmans!  They just opened one up in MA but it's far from me :(

    I already went with 2 local BMs to look at dresses.  I just wanted them to be long and pewter.  They both chose the same dress so I notified everyone else, and they all ended up liking it too.  I gave all of their names to DB so all they have to do is show up whenever they want and get fitted.  
    I already booked a florist.  I scouted out around 6 different florists and met with all of them and finally chose the one.  I think it's pretty important because your bouquet will be in the majority of pics so I wanted to make sure that I had booked the person I liked best way ahead of time.  
    GL with it all!!
  • BM dresses we are planning for jan or feb and I already have a florist. met with him in August - early - bc I knew I wanted to use him.
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