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September 2012 Weddings

Nan, Stepmom, "Mom"

I am having trouble trying to figure out how to honor 3 very important women on my special day. The woman who gave birth to me is dead and 3 other woman have played a significant part in my life. My Nan (Aunt) has been there since day one taking me on weekends, school shopping, waking me up, doctors etc etc... everything a mother would do with a child. My Step mother has been in my life for i think 11 years and has also played a significant part in helping us with our daughter and has gone above and beyond for us, and then theres my "mom" my mom is actually my best friends mother and has been in my life for probably 20 years or so, i moved in with her in high school and almost moved to South Carolina with her when she went 3 years ago but couldn't leave my dad. SO the problem I am having outside of a corsage how do i honor these woman on my day because without them I wouldn't be who i am today or where I am today..... Any suggestions?

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