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Taking It off

Ok so the new year is right around the corner and I need to set my New Year resolution.

I need to lose those extra pounds and maintain them off. I already joined a gym and i am thinking about hiring a personal trainer. 

So girls i want to get some advice. What diets should I use that are not too crazy and  that make sense? Are you girls doing the same thing?? What working out tips do you have for me? 

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Re: Taking It off

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    I am also in the process of losing my last 6 pounds. I go to the "Getting in Shape " board here on TK to get motivation and advice. I strive to "Eat Clean"  http://www.eatcleandiet.com/what_is_the_eat-clean_diet.aspx
    and workout doing HIIT http://www.notyouraveragefitnesstips.com/best-workout-routines/best-cardio-for-weight-loss-hiit-workout-routine

  • Even though it's hard, portion control is really going to help you. Your serving of say chicken or steak should be about 4 oz. Try to limit your pasta.  When eating your meal eat the protein first, then veggies, then carbohydrates. Stop drinking all sodas. Even diet sodas. I know it sounds weird but my dietitian told me that the carbonation can actually stretch your stomach. And the obvious is just exercise. I've been doing this for about a year and have lost 60 pounds. Once your body adjusts to the smaller portions it's not hard.
  • Phillybride123- I agree with going to the getting in shape boards. I have been more of a reader then a poster over there because everyone has so much to offer! Sometimes just reading about how others are losing weight helps me to keep going and it gives me new ideas on how to reach my goal weight.

    My other advice:1.  get your family in friends on board with eating healthy. I always have hard time eating healthy when I am with other people but I have come to find out that a lot of family and friends are wanting to lose weight too! 2. Do not eat after 8pm...I got that tip from a trainer long ago and it has really helped me to just say no after 8pm! 3. do not have seconds and if you really feel you need to, have seconds of veggies or salad or try a glass of water. I have heard numerous times that if you are still hungry after a meal you might be dehydrated so drinking a glass of water prevents you from eating when you may not really be hungry.

    Hope this helps and stick with it!
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  • I lost 25lbs from January to June this year. I worked out 3 times a week for an hour or two each time (elliptical, jog, crunches), and I cut out pop and anything with caffiene (that was just for me haha, I slept so much better). I also lowered my salt level drastically. Eat stuff on the outside of the grocery (produce, meat, dairy, etc). And eat LESS. You will get full if you just eat less and slower.

    I think the worst thing you can do is start a crash diet to get the weight off. First it's one snack of a Twix. Then suddenly you're off the bandwagon. Don't just cut everything out of your diet cold turkey. It won't work...I learned that the hard way.

    It's also good if you have a buddy to try it with you! It would be interesting if we could all organize something together!
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  • I signed up for MyFitnessPal.com  its free.  I've lost 20 pounds since I've joined and I love it.

    I also dont have money to spend on a gym and personal trainer so I bought Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire.  I haven't gotten bored and I find myself excited to workout.
  • Thank you ladies for all your advice!!! I am going to check out the fitness board, eat in portions and try to workout at least 3 times a week and check out MyFitnesspal.com
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  • In Response to Re: Taking It off:
    [QUOTE]I am starting the hcg diet. http://www.hcgmiracle.com/home.html
    Posted by amynwade[/QUOTE]

    Thank you I am looking into the website right now
  • I will most likely be joining you in this goal seeing as though my dress is from 2004 and i've obviously gained weight since then.
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  • Last night I joined myfitnesspal.com  I really like it so far. Thanks Dirtywater!

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