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A Giftful Heart - Save the Date Magnet Review!

I ordered samples from the websites and they were wonderful!  The quality of the magnet was great and the samples were free and shipped quickly!  Once I picked my favorite, I was able to do a preview request which is where they put my pictures and color choices on a magnet and emailed me a proof to see if I liked it.  Kathy was great, she kept in constant contact with me through email and had no issues changing the color font I wanted.  Once I was okay with the preview request, I set up to order my magnets.  Everything was so easy, I was able to customize the magnet exactly how I wanted and add my wedding website, no issues!  They email you a proof within a few days and you can update anything else if you need to. 

They shipped out within a week and were send 3 day priority mail.  I got them yesterday and they are so beautiful!  Everyone who has seen them so far loved them.   My magnets cost $1.50 each and I was able to get shimmer envelopes and added attachments cards to my magnet for an small fee.  They were def worth it, they basically just tell you here is a magnet to save the date, it was a cute touch!  A giftful heart has great customer services and prices.   I highly recommend! A+
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Re: A Giftful Heart - Save the Date Magnet Review!

  • great news! too bad most of those deals don't apply to Canadians - we pay an arm and a leg for shipping (and sometimes a foot or two lol)

    you sound so excited ;)
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  • Care to share what your final product looked like? I like looking at everyone's STDs.

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  • I'll have to keep this in mind too!  I'm struggling with deciding on STDs.  There's so many options and I'm worried how picture quality will come out.
  • Thanks for the review!!

    If anyone is still looking around for STD's and is unsure what to do, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend a guy that I found on etsy. It is a different idea than I've seen others do. It costs a bit more money than just using an e-photo, but I've gotten SO many compliments on it from my guests. He does custom caricatures and I was so impressed with how well it came out!! Here is his link:


    I posted the picture of mine awhile ago, but I'll post it again here.
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  • @cpasquale: Thank you for posting about that etsy seller! We may not have our e-pics taken until the spring and I do not want to wait that long to send STDs. The caricature allows us to use an existing picture and have something very creative. :)
  • I have e-pics that I really want to use... but the etsy seller's caricature looks so cool!!
  • aragx6aragx6 member
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    We aren't taking e-pics until the spring, so we're not doing a photo one. An etsy seller is creating a whole suite of paper products, so we'll have her do an STD too, but I'd love to see your STD anyway :)
  • junebug19junebug19 member
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    @cpasquale- that is sooo cute & original! I've never seen an STD like it, I love it :)

    @wcasar- We should make a sticky where everyone could post their STD- I like seeing them too; or make it a siggy challenge.
  • No problem! Just know that it took about a month from when I sent the first pictures in until when I received my magnets! But it was so worth the wait! My favorite wedding purchase so far BY FAR!
    Sept. 2012 May Siggy Challenge: Honeymoon
    Greece (Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini)
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