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September 2012 Weddings

September Colors

September is such a great month for wedding colors, mainly because it is so close to Summer and Fall, anything can go. We chose Orange and Turquoise, very bright, contrasting, and so many combinations of shades and hues to choose from.

What did everyone else pick?

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Re: September Colors

  • September is a very versatile month.  I like to use the names Berry, Champagne, Chocolate, and Lemon for my colors or deep red, light gold, brown, and soft yellow.  

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  • We're doing cornflower blue, with highlights of antique gold, and pops of cream, peach, yellow, and pink.  I know that sounds looney, but it works out to be a very soft, elegant color palette that goes great with the dark wood paneling of our venue.

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  • I love all these, I too want to have a happy medium of bright fun summer and also fall changing leaves especially getting married in the finger lakes wine country.  I didn't want the literal red and orange fall interpretation, so we are going with a wine/sangria color with magenta and chartreuse and lime green accents.

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  • delphinium blue 

    bright and light pinks 

    And I guess gold. I wanted silver, but if I remember right the charger and silverware at the venue is friggin gold. I will double check in a few weeks when I go back to pick the table cloth. I think gold doesn't look right with blue and pink, but if I have to, I will make it work. 

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  • We are doing mostly orange and brown... with hues of green, red, yellow! I love the traditional colors of fall!

    My FI is excited about the orange/brown bc he is a HUGE cleveland browns fan... i on the other hand am a die-hard pittsburgh steelers fan! lol
  • Mine are going to be Navy Blue + Yellow.

    Basically a combination of these two:

    Blue + Yellow
    and Blue + Gold + Yellow
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  • We are getting married Sept 8th!  Our colors are black and white with accents of red, a darker red. 

  • I'm getting married on September 8th and my colors are navy blue, shades of hot pink and jewel toned purples.

    I like your combo.  You can have a lot of fun with it.
  • Funniest part of my color combination that was brought to my attention by someone else, Miami Dolphin colors. I am a Miami fan, and to this day i swear it was not intentionally picked to match! Innocent 
    I saw a color swatch online and thought the colors looked great with each other. I am scared to see what "Eagle's" item my FI is going to sneak into the wedding somehow. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if he will be hiding a jersey under his tux...ugh. Maybe I will hide them all a few days before and hope he doesn't notice?

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  • As of now i am between a nice brown, greess(closer to olive) and a lilac, i was throwing around pink, but i have never been a pink person so why do it on my wedding day? The hardest thing for me is how to use these colors? I am panicked by the slightest thing now its ridicoulous lol...
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  • We are going with Silver and Magenta/Sangria/ fuschia color.  With hints of green
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  • I am still deciding. I actually bought several colors of scrabook paper today and taped combos to a white piece of paper. Hopefully I can decide. I like brown, pink and orange, but that would result in an upcharge for linens so ...
  • Our wedding colors are tiffany blue and black with a hint of silver!!
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  • We're doing Navy Blue and Apple Green

  • We were going to have just fall colors for our wedding.  We were planning mid-Oct but due to venue conflicts it's been moved to Sept 1st.  I still want the fall colors but I think now instead of deep oranges it will be mostly yellows with some orange since I think more of sunflowers in early Sept than pumpkins.

    I really LOVE the orange and turquoise though.
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  • I'm really struggling with this decision... My fiance is insisting on camo tux vests (eeek!) and I can't decide what colors to go with (he says purple & camo work...pssh!) I like the idea of champagne but my bridesmaids hate it, they think they will look naked LOL. Black would be pretty & elegant, but my fiance's sister is using that color this fall... I don't want her to think I'm copying! A pretty, bright green might look nice, but is that too spring-y for a September 8th wedding? Help please!!! :)
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    I just saw another post where you posted your colors and was admiring them. They are gorgeous.

    I also love all of the other picks on here.

    I have not decided on my colors yet. My sister (also MOH) suggested a deep red color and I like the idea, just not sure what else. I am terrible at colors. 

    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2012-weddings_september-colors?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:63edbfa3-70ea-41c2-b540-279dcfe5747cPost:27fea35c-6ef5-49e4-910d-768114899e70">Re: September Colors</a>:
    [QUOTE]September is a very versatile month.  I like to use the names Berry, Champagne, Chocolate, and Lemon for my colors or deep red, light gold, brown, and soft yellow.  
    Posted by island07b2b[/QUOTE]

    I love the idea of this.  Sounds beautiful.

    My date is Sept 22, 2012 (as someone else mentioned, the first day of fall)
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  • We are going with pistachio (or maybe a brighter green...not quite sure yet), black and white with accents of plum. My FI is a redhead and so are two of my bridesmaids - I wanted to be sure to pick a color that not only flatters me, but also looks good on the wedding party.
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    Our colors are burnt orange and periwinkle my mom suggested. i love the fall always wanted a fall wedding, but your colors are beautiful luv it.
  • I'm getting married the same day! Im thinking of doing midnight blue for bridesmaid dresses but i'm not sure about another color to go with. I was thinking maybe some shade of dark pink with a  mix of white and ivory to add a little pop of color?? What do you think?
  • These are my wedding colors:
    mustard yellow, gray and ivory!

    BM will wear gray chiffon dresses and carry yellow billy ball flowers

    Not sure what I want for my bouquet yet but I know I want it to be BIG and WHITE!

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    does berry and champagne go together

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