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dont know where to start

so i have everything pretty much planned out, even though we have a long way to go. but i dont know where to start. should i start with my dress or the venue, or maybe the invites. it didnt seem like much when it was all on paper but now that im going to actually do everything i feel so over whelmed.

also im not sure if i should have my mother in law to be there when i try on my dress, or who all should be there. i dont want too many people but im not sure who is appropriate to ask. were close and i love her to death but it makes me nervous im going to be with her son for the rest of our lives. :)

please tell me other people are feeling overwhelmed already, we have over a year to go.

Re: dont know where to start

  • yup I am...we have been looking at venues for 3 months now and I cant decide...im like this is only the beginning and im already frustrated. We will have our fina decision on the venue by feb 2011. As for my dress i wont start looking until Jan 2012
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    OMG! I seriously thought I was alone for long engagements; our family and friends think we're crazy. I am pretty much planned out what I want exactly, but I didn't think of that before. I am the absolute DIY bride, I created a binder of at least 450 pages of organized ideas from tabs labeled as favorite bride gowns to reception venue ideas. If you don't have a binder or a folder of ideas than I can't see why to get overwhelmed; you're probably the most organized ever. I say keep it up, and look in strides. What would you want to decorate all your ideas from? Your dress? Color of the season? Like mentioned before, I won't even look at any bridal salons until January-March 2012. Things can change. Overall, I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed, but its better to feel that now then later, because you'll already be extremely organized and ready to tie the knot!Smile

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  • This all is only overwhelming if you let it be! :) The long engagement is the perfect opportunity to take it one step at the time. 
    I suggest to take one thing and tackle it. Decide what colors or theme you want and then I would go on to the "bigger" elements. 

    I'm starting with the ceremony and reception site. I have the ceremony, and will be deciding the venue this Friday to lock in the 2010 pricing. 

    I've checked out invites, and actually think I found what I want at Michaels. 

    As of now I would just check off some big things, but you have PLENTY of time to take this slow :) 
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  • I would say just focus on selecting your date, work  on the budget and then find the venue.  I have already paid for my venue and I 'm 1000% certain of it and our colors.  I did go ahead and order invitation parts from cards and pockets recently because I know they shape & color of the invite won't change (plus it was cheaper due to the sale).  I've already receive my order but I won't even touch them until 2012 when I decide what I want to go in them.  So far I've been sending out newsletters to family/friends just to give them a heads up on the wedding.  We are having a "destination" (at least to me) wedding at Disney so we wanted to give everyone as much time to plan for it as well.  Other than that, I did find an Alfred Angelo dress I LOVE but don't feel I'm ready to commit (plus I need the moola for it anyway).  I almost bought it but I'm going to wait until next Sept - Dec to start shopping.  I am glad because I am curious about the new Vera Wang line David's Bridal will have in the spring.  

    @Rainie - I agree with you! When we had our walkthrough at our venue, the event manager there gave us a beautiful planning binder as a gift.  We were impressed before but she really won us over then. If it isn't in there, it's not happening in the wedding!  
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  • this helps out so much! i know the colors were going with, teal and ivory. so i guess next is to pick the venue. ladies im so excited, a long engagement is just what i need and i think the longer it is the more you can plan and not freak out.

    i have all my stuff online not in a binder, when i find what i like i save the page, lol maybe i should start printing them off.
  • I was overwhelmed at first too! You really don't need to get a ton done yet but it's best to start planning the big things first...we chose the date first then chose/booked the ceremony & reception venues. After those things are out of the way then it's the fun stuff...except maybe the guest list! haha I picked out my wedding dress last week wtih my mom but refused to buy it without my sister & future mother in law there..yes, I think that's it's VERY important to involve your future mother in law! Good luck ladies :)

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  • You really don't need to send invites until 4-5 months out. Pick big things that book early first, like the venue, and colors. Some people plan weddings in 6 months, so we really have all the time in the world. Don't stress!

    And you don't have to have your FMIL there if you don't want her to be but I am sure she would love to be a part. She makes your nervous because you are marrying her son or are there other things going on? If you aren't close and she isn't paying there is no NEED to invite her, but it might be a nice gesture.

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