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September 2012 Weddings

Shower "Etiquette" - Advice?

FI and I only got "formally" engaged at the beginning of this month (date set for a while, but just got my ring and announced to everyone a few weeks ago).  Literally within 24 hours of announcing our engagement, I had 3 different people offer to host a shower for me (all separate groups in our lives:  my family, his family, and work).  Believe me, we are so blessed and grateful that everyone is as happy and thrilled as we are and have made these offers. 

But here's the problem (if you want to call it that), now that several weeks have gone by, others in my family (different side) and friends are making similar offers and I don't know how to appropriately and graciously handle the situation.  Do I let those who originally offered to host know that there are others offering that would like to help them?  Is it incumbent on me to try to assess the various situations and personalities and make sure everyone who has offered is involved?  Luckily, everyone who is asking to involved will likely be understanding no matter the outcome, but I am just feeling alot of pressure over this (that I am putting on myself).  I feel that those who originally offered sort of called shotgun on hosting without saying let me know if anyone else offers too, so I hope they understand there are others who want to be involved.  Do I just put them in contact with each other and step aside and let them sort it out?

Any advice?
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