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September 2012 Weddings

F/U to Ebay Dress...what a fiasco...If anyone knows anything about ebay I could use your help!

(Follow-up to those not familiar with F/U!)
Well, so I posted a few days ago that I finally bought my dress and it was from a lady on ebay...

Even after emailing her questions before I purchased it, she didn't specify that it was a replica, but that is of course what it was. This I could have dealt with if it had at least been nice since it cost me so little. But the big kicker is that she must be at least 5 inches shorter than me, because the dress didn't even brush the ground with me in my bare feet.

So, after contacting her to return it, she isn't famliar with paypal/ebay selling. Paypal withdrew the funds from my bank and I have a receipt. She says she hasn't received any payment yet, but is willing to take the dress back for a refund. I've never sold on ebay either, so I'm not sure how to tell her what she needs to do to refund my money, because it seems like she is completely clueless.

Is anyone familiar with what she needs to do? I tried to contact ebay/paypal, but since my part of the transaction is done, there's nothing that I can do, it's all up to her now. I'm scared to send the dress back before she knows how to refund me, but I don't want this to drag out for the whole 14 day window I have to return it.

Even though I'm a little frustrated about the dress not working out, my FI insists that it's a sign. The dress that I have been in love with (but felt guilty about how much it cost) was featured on 2 wedding shows THE NIGHT that I ordered the ebay dress and left me feeling a little bummed. So now he says when I return this one, he's going to take me to the dress store himself so I can order the one I want and he doesn't have to hear about it anymore (in a sort of joking sort of not irritated tone...:)
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