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September 2012 Weddings

Bridesmaid dress regret?? Sorry for the long post...

So I took my bridesmaids out dress shopping. I had already decided that I wanted them in Jhjelm dresses, but in different styles, same color. This was what they came up with: (The bottom row is the dress each girl chose. The top row is what the material that particular dress is made out of would look like in my color).

Now the dresses are expensive, but if I order from Pearl's Place will cost around $200 each. At first I thought this would be fine since I really haven't liked any of the other dresses I've seen at David's bridal, etc. I am having a 1920's-40's themed wedding and we really want it to look as vintage as possible without looking costumey. 

My point: I'm starting to have dress regret! I feel terribly for asking my girls to spend $200 on a dress they will only wear one day. None of them have complained to me and they have all told me they can't go over $200. We haven't ordered yet either, so there's still time to change our minds. I have recently been browsing some of the newer dresses at David's, etc. and have started to like some of what I see too. 

Anyways, all that to say, should I forego the more expensive dresses in order to be able to accessorize them more, maybe?? I'm confused! I'm feeling like I should just take them to Davids to see if we can come up with something else. What should I do?! 

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