Vent: Hotel, Invites (kinda long)

The hotel sent us a list of people who had reserved rooms and the deadline date for reservations. The deadline date was wrong, it was 3 or 4 days early. I emailed back, and they corrected the deadline date. So I emailed friends who I knew were considering booking rooms to remind them of the deadline for the discounted rate. My friend tried to book through the online page the hotel gave us, and it is telling her there is no availability. Ugh. I wish things would stop screwing up with the hotel block. And just because I am venting, sending out wedding invites causes too much fricking drama. Everyone has an opinion on who you didn't invite and doesn't understand how just one more person can be a problem. Or they invitees are people who do not like each other, and have started drama. I am officially ready to elope. Thanks for listening. I am sure I will figure out the hotel problem in the morning, and just stick to my guns, no invite means no invite.

Re: Vent: Hotel, Invites (kinda long)

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    I'm sorry you're having issues with the two. I think the invite drama is easiest to deal with- just ignore the complainers and stick to your guest list. It is your wedding, not theirs! About the hotel...hopefully a call to them will fix the problem. In the meantime, could guests call the hotel to book? Don't worry, I had some issues with one of my blocks too- at first they were saying they did not even have a block for my wedding (a guest was trying to book), then they didn't pass out most of the OOT bags. PITA. But it's only a small detail. Hope it gets resolved!
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