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September 2012 Weddings

interesting clause in our venue contract.

Hi everyone,

My fiancee and I finally found a venue that we both really loved and I just got my hands on the contract for this place. 

I'm not sure how many of you already have a venue booked but this contract contains a terrible clause in it and I don't think this is a standard clause in every venue contract. 

I'm a law student so of course I read everything really thoroughly, I'm not sure that most other brides read these contracts.

Basically, this clause says that the venue can for ANY REASON or for a reason beyond their control cancel my wedding at any time and all I will be entitled to from them is to get back my deposit. That's it - nothing else and if I take them to court I will not be entitled to much more.

I've seen many times before that they can cancel for a reason beyond their control, but I'm pretty sure the "any reason" part is not very standard. It gives them way too much discretion and basically they can just cancel my wedding the day before with no repercussion and all I can get back is my deposit. Meanwhile I'm stuck dealing with all my guests and I'll still have to pay all my other vendors.

If you already booked your venue can you please take a look at your contract and see if you see something similar in there? I am trying to figure out if this type of clause is standard for this industry. It will usually be called something like "liability of vendor" or something to that effect.

Thanks, fellow brides. Also, if you haven't yet signed a contract, definitely watch out for a clause like this!
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