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DIY Photo Booth Idea---Opinions please?

Ok, some of ya'll might think this belongs on the DIY board but 1.) I don't really post on there & 2.) I don't really need a how-to suggestion, just outside opinions. Anyway, fiance and I are dying to have a photo booth at our reception but the rental prices are freaking us out. Now, we have a groomsman who just recently launched a photography business and his work, from what I saw, seems great for a beginner (not using him for the overall wedding pictures because well he's in the wedding party and we decided we preferred a person with substantial yrs of experience to do that). When the idea of a diy photo booth popped into my head, so did he. I think it'd be great practice, not too stressful, and a great way to promote his business. The thing is, I'm not sure if he'd be able to print the pictures instantly or if he'd even want to "work" at the reception (since he is a groomsman). I haven't brought this up to him or my fiance yet, gotta get the opinions of my fellow TK brides first of course lol. So what does anybody think? Should I take the risk and ask, and do you think guests will care that the pictures won't be printed right away? Thanks for reading.
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Re: DIY Photo Booth Idea---Opinions please?

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    When I think of a photobooth I would think that pics would be readily available.  Also, he is part of the WP.  I would feel bad asking them to "work" when I would just want them to spend time celebrating with us.  A guest shouldn't work for hours IMO.  

    Overall, you know him better than we do.  If you think he wouldn't mind then feel free to ask.  

    ETA: You could also try and go into the Special Topic Wedding boards and post this in "Photos and Video" as well.  People might have some good suggestions there.
  • If he weren't in the WP I'd say, awesome idea and great opportunity for him. I'd talk to him tho; he might be ok with doing it. I just don't think I'd want to be working at a wedding where I'm in the WP.
    If he agrees, do you know someone with a photo printer? It might worth it to buy one so that you can print immediately. There are lots of fun ways to create a DIY photobooth an you could really play it up with your colours/theme. Good luck!
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  • There's no harm in asking him, but be understanding if he says no. He's already playing a big part in your wedding. As for the instant photos, I don't think it's a big deal if your guests don't get them right away. You could always set up a website (or if your GM already has a website, just make it a separate section on there) where your guests can view all of the photos. Then they will have the option to print them themselves.
  • I would not ask him, just because he IS in the wedding party. Also, if he is just starting out, he might get overwhelmed with something he's never done before.
  • Thank you, ladies, for your opinions---they really helped. Well, I didn't ask the groomsmen. After reading through your replies and thinking about it, I felt it would be too much pressure on him and possibly quite rude. We're going to budget and cut back in other spending areas to afford a professional photo booth. However, I did bring up the idea of him doing an engagement/family photo session for us and he eagerly agreed (I figured it's not the wedding day & it's at his comfort level). Again, thanks my fellow TK brides.
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