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September 2012 Weddings

XP - 489 Days to Go and Already Freaked Out

We're getting married in 489 days and I'm already stressed about the planning.

The thought of shopping for a dress horrifies me. We've booked our ceremony venue but I'm worried about whether or not my somewhat incontinent mother will be able to make it to the restroom near (not at) the venue (assuming the weather is decent; if not, we will have to move the wedding to an old mission church at a fort where the bathroom will be even farther away and the path there is not very wheelchair friendly).

Will the weather be decent enough to have our outdoor beach side pizza party reception? If not, what's plan B?

WTH. I'm not /good/ at planning things. I don't /like/ planning things. We're only inviting 30 people (which is about 30 people more than I would ideally like to invite) .... it shouldn't be this stressful.

When we started talking about getting married it was going to be me and him and Elvis in Vegas.Smile  Now it has gotten more complicated, more complicated than I would like it to be.

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Re: XP - 489 Days to Go and Already Freaked Out

  • If at 15/16 months out you're already stressed about this wedding, then I say elope! Obviously we don't know your family situation, but I assume that there are some that say you 'need to have a wedding.' You don't! If your gut feeling is to make it a special day for you and your FI, then take a vacation, don't even think about a white dress, and say your vows to a JOP. Sometime after you get married, have a small party with those that would be invited. A wedding is after all, just a party to celebrate your love and your marriage. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing it your way.

    Just an opinion! Smile
  • I feel your pain.   I am already freaking out about budget and things.   I did elope the first time and that is the best situation for me but my family was really hurt and I won't do that to them again or to my FI's family.  (Even thoug the type of people we are that would fit our style better.) 

    I don't have a venue for the reception yet, or even know what colors we are going with. Part of me things when we work out the budget, guest list, colors and reception venue I will chill out.   I know part of it is that FI wants a very low budget wedding but we agree our families would be very hurt if we elope.  Just counting my siblings and families, my parents (and step-parents), grandparents and Aunts and Uncles my side of the guest list is already over 60.  YIKES.  It is hard to do a very low budget wedding with that many people. My only hope is that I feel like I have to invite the step-siblings (all 8 of them) and their families.  I think only 2 might come.  In fact my step-SIL said that one of the step-sisters won't go to any weddings not even of her siblings or neices and nephews and she lives in the same town as they do.  So there are 5 people I can count on not showing up.  ESP given I live 8 hours away.
  • calindicalindi member
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    Do you have any friends who are good at planning things?  I know that I could throw a party together for 30 people in a week, no problem, and would gladly do so for one of my friends if she asked.

    Write down a list of what you want/need.  Is it possible to rent a porta potty to make it easier to get to the bathroom?  If not, perhaps you could change your venue to something that is more accessible? 



  • tayliataylia member
    hey you  are not alone this whole wedding thing is overwhelming when you really sit down and start to think of all that has to be done its crazy. we are trying to decide on a venue right now and its a tough decision bc you want it to be beautiful but you dont wanna be broke trying to do it. me i have family who are really good at orgnizing so they will be stepping in as my wp just take a deep breathe and relax it will be ok and if its to hard then you and your fi just go do what makes you happy you two are the only ones that matter not everyone else.
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