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Special Ceremony traditions?

I was reading in Bride Magazine that there are some common elements that can be added into a marriage ceremony. I was trying to get some more ideas, as their ideas were limited:

candle ceremony: bride and groom each hold a candle and then light a third candle together

sand ceremony: bride and groom each hold a clear jar of colored sand and pour sand into a third empty bigger jar

butterfly ceremony: (native american) release butterflies

dove ceremony: release doves

sake ceremony: (japanese) bride and groom sips from three cups of sake.. not totally sure what each cup represents, but it was beautiful

what other have you seen?

Re: Special Ceremony traditions?

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    I've seen the candle ceremony done a lot.

    Please don't do the butterfly or dove releases.
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    There's a Cross ceremony. I have never seen it done, i think it may be fairly new. But The bride has one piece of a cross and the groom another, their pieces fit together inside a larger cross frame.

    There is also a Hand ceremony. Which we are going to do (in addition to sand). The couple each takes turns holding the others hands plam side up in their own while someone reads a ?poem? type thing.
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    My fiance and I are both Pagan, therefore we're having our hands fastened together with 3 cords.  We're also doing a Wine Blessing, where the High Priestess will bless the wine, and she, us, and our parents will drink from the cup or kiss it. 

    Because I also have African in my bloodline, we're also Jumping the Broom (which is also part of many Pagan Handfastings).  After the ceremony, you jump over a decorated broomstick (or a besom) to signfy family unity and protection. 
    Bright Blessings! ~)O(~
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    I think in addition to using some traditional ideas, you can also start your own traditions. As a sign of unifying both families, we are saying vows to our mothers(its a suprise) as well as presenting them with identical jewelry with both family names engraved in a circle. I am sure whatever you decide to do will be lovely!

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