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So undecided about a wedding date! HELP please...

Ok so me and my FI have been going back and forth about a wedding date. He really wants Sept. 2012 and I would love to have a September wedding as well but sometimes I feel like its sooooooo far away! But I do like the idea of a fall wedding. So the other dates I was considering are June 8th or August 12. I really dont know what to do. Money wise it would be really hard shooting for a June 2012 wedding. So I kow financially August or September is the right thing to do but I want to be with him so much sooner. So I know Im driving him crazy, constantly changing my mind. We go to the venue to sign our contract this friday April 1st so we gotta make a decision ASAP. Any advice is great! :)

Re: So undecided about a wedding date! HELP please...

  • I was in the same situation - deciding between June and September. 2012  We finally decided on September, which has turned out to be a benefit. We have more time to save (which is really important), but have also had a pick of vendors because very few are booked already.  It does seem far away, but as the wedding gets closer, I'm sure I will appreciate the extra time!
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  • We were debating between March 2012 and September 2012. We chose September because it gave us more time to save money to get what we wanted. I know how you feel though, I can't wait to be married and call him my hubby :) but enjoy the time that you get to call him your fiance! You'll have the rest of your life to say he's your husband. I like this longer planning phase because if we pay something off sooner than planned...I can add something or do something else that I didn't think I could have afforded before! It also gives us time to really pick and choose and not rush into any decisions when it comes to vendors or designs etc. Just compare how much you can spend/save on/for the wedding and how long it will take you to save that much. That will help you pick a date that is better suited to your situation.
  • Do you guys have any special dates in August or September? SUch as an anniversary or the date he proposed ot something? I know that's how we decided. FH wanted our anniversary and I wanted at least a year to plan so September 14th, 2012 it was! haha

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  • Im doing sept 15, 2012...give me more then enough time piad everything in full..keep with a reasonable budget...thats were not stressing out about....I already have two venues narrow down... we paying our deposit asap this month...
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    I am Sept. 15. I wanted to graduate first and I didn't want to get married in the hot weather here in July and August. I have no problem waiting, the way I see it is I will be able to get everything I want over the next year and a half.  Two months really didnt make much of a difference to me since the marriage will be for the rest of our lives.
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  • Eh, to me the practical outweighs any potential importance of the day.  Your wedding day will be important regardless of whether it had any original meaning or not.  If we had waited a week, we'd be getting married 4 years to the day since we met.  But we liked the idea of having Labor Day weekend with our families, so the practicality outweighed the significance.  Plus we'll always have Labor Day weekend to take an anniversary trip!!!



  • Lol this is so much me. I wanted to move our date up to May 2012 because i felt that Sept1 is soooo far away but he wants to get married Sept1,2012. I have learned to just stick with the Sept date and stop pushing my will on him. The important thing is to get married. We have been engaged since Feb2010 so I feel your pain but look at it this way, your almost a year out and then we probably will b wishing for more time lol.
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    We set a date of Oct 2012 and then looked for the venue.  We also have a large guest list so that also limited our options.  However, I thought because we planned a wedding so far away that our date would be open.  WRONG, finally found the perfect outdoor venue for a fall wedding and they were booked for the month that we originally wanted.  Then our back up month was pretty much booked as well.  Their only fall date open is Sept 1, 2012 (Labor Day weekend).

    So like PP said pick the venue first and then the date when they tell you what they have available.  You'll save yourself a lot of headache.  I'm still constantly second guessing the date now and trying to figure if my dream wedding (fall theme) will work with a Labor Day weekend wedding.
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