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RSVP Guest Quote - Wording help needed!

Hi ladies!

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

We are in the process of finalizing our invitation wording (a BIG thank you to everyone on The Knot who have helped me get this far, if not for you... I'd be sending out blank invites lol).  I have one last question...

FH and I are asking guests to send back a small quote or wish with their RSVP that we'll be incorporating into our Wedding favors.  The quote or wish will be visible for everyone that gets a Wedding favor and I'm having difficulty coming up with the correct wording. 

So far, I have:

"The new Mr. and Mrs. XXX ask you to share a quote, note or well wish for their Wedding day in filling out the enclosed ?.  Your wish will be enjoyed by fellow guests on their Wedding day.".

I'm not happy at all with how this reads but am at an absolute loss and would love any help that could be offered!! Thank you!!!

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