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Vegetarian Option on reply card

We're in the process of ordering our wedding invites and I don't know how to write out the reply card. Here's the situation we're serving steak or chicken for dinner. We're allowed to have two options before having to pay extra. The chef said they will accommodate any vegetarians but we can't have like 40 ppl ordering the vegetarian meal. The chef needs a final count before the wedding date so what do I include in my reply card so the vegetarians know there is an option for them, but the rest of the guests don't think a vegetarian dish is available for all? My invites do allow me to add lines, text boxes, etc. so all ideas are welcome! Thanks for the help!!

Re: Vegetarian Option on reply card

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    If it were me, I would only list the chicken and steak.  Usually people with dietary needs or restrictions contact you and give you a heads up. 

    Either that or you can put a line asking them to contact you about dietary restrictions. 

    We didn't put options on ours, but I know who in my family are vegetarians, so I made a point to call them to let them know I already let the vendor know.  And another person contacted me to inform me that they needed a gluten-free meal.

  • I would not add the vegetarian option to the reply card because you could get  too many for that selection. This is what I am doing and what the recent weddings I've been to have done.

    As a former vegetarian, if I received an invite without a vegetarian option I would just write it in or ask the bride
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    We were in a similar situation, but chose NOT to list the vegetarian option, because we could only have up to 8 people requesting a special meal with no extra charge. We just contacted the few people we knew were vegetarians ahead of time to let themk now to write it in. 
  • I included a line at the bottom of the card asking guests to inform us of any allergies or dietary needs. 
  • Thanks for the comments so far. I was leaning towards just not including it but I wasn't sure if that was the proper etiquette or not. I think I have a pretty good grasp on who will need any special requests and will leave it up to any others to inform me.
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