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stamps much did u pay?

ok, so i haven't gotten my invites yet but zazzle is having a 20% off sale!!!  i am sending a pocket invite with the invitation, an rsvp card and evelope, and a directions card.  how much were your RSVP cards stamp and how much were your invitation stamps???
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Re: stamps much did u pay?

  • RSVP stamps were the standard $.44 and for the invitations as a whole it was $.61. It'll depend on the weight of your stamp.
  • There is no way to know how much your invitations are going to be without having one in your hand that you can weigh.  RSVP cards will almost always be 44 cents (unless they are square or something), so you might buy stamps now for those and for your thank you cards, but not for the actual invitations.
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  • Most response cards are that standard like PPs said.  Our square pocket invite cost $1.05 to mail.  $0.61 is the price for overweight invites, but the square shape adds an extra charge.  You won't know how much you need until you bring a completed invite to the post office.  But you will probably at least need a .61 cent stamp (ours we put both a .61 and a .44 to add up to 1.05), and you will end up going throgh a lot of .44 cent stamps between response cards, shower thank yous, and wedding thank yous so you can always preorder extras.

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  • I think I'm going to end up being able to use $0.44 stamp for invite...and RSVPs are postcards, so $0.28.

    In my research for custom stamps...zazzle by far is the most expsensive (but they tend to be the most commonly used).

    I'd recommend considering:, picture it, or DIYing

  • Don't buy stamps for the invites until you check the postage.  That's just asking for trouble!
  • If you really want to order them now, without knowing how much they will cost, I would order more than you think you need. That way, if you need more postage, you have the stamps. If not, you can use the extras for thank you cards.
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  • thanks for all the help. ill just buy the rsvp ones now...and wait on the invite because lord knows how much they will weigh. thanks for putting some sense into me :)

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