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Ballpark invite cost

I've got enough of my wedding planned now that I can start looking at invitesLaughing Soooooooo I was wondering about how much some of you have paid for invites that you purchased that didn't require major DIY. Ideally a ballpark amount, not including or including postage, would be very appreciated! TIA!!

Btw it'd be nice if you listed what you ordered, such as, STD's, RSVP's too
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Re: Ballpark invite cost

  • This question depends on what type of style of wedding invite you're looking for.  Have you priced invites yourself?  You can get an idea from logging on to weddingpaperdivas, or looking through Etsy or even browsing the selections on VistaPrint, etc. to get ideas of how much wedding invitations will cost you.

    My invitations were less than $300 for 65 invites.  I purchased my invites from an Etsy seller, included the invite, and response cards and envelopes.  You could definitely pay much much more than this or much less - again, it depends on what you're looking for.
  • Some people spend less than $2 per invite set, others spend over $30. I really don't think there is a ballpark number. We spent about $4 - $5 per complete set - invite, inner and outer envelopes, rsvp card and envelope, and reception card.
  • We spent about $10 per invite ensemble for 110 invites, not including postage.  However, these were pricier as they were custom-designed by a local graphic artist.  Like PP said, you can spend much less than this, and you can spend much more, depending on what you're looking for. 
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  • I hope you don't mean you are planning to order invitations now.  Ordering them a year before your wedding is not a good idea.

    I paid ~$500 for 150 invitations/envelopes, 200 response cards/envelopes, and 150 enclosure card, all in thermography printing.  Postage is 61 cents, plus 44 cents for the RSVP.  (I believe postage rates are going up in January?)
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  • I think it really depends on your budget. Can you afford to spend $10 per invite or do you need to be closer to $2 per invite? When it comes to wedding cost I think ballpark numbers are hard to predict because everyone has a different budget.

    One thing to remember is postage cost. You will have to mail to mail each invite plus provide a stamp for the RSVP.
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