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Weird guest list situation lol

Howdy!   Sorry it is a liittle long but it seems a little complex to me! lol

 I’m a little perplexed on a certain guest.  She is a teenager that is part of the youth group at my church.  We have sorta bonded & I’ve become like a mentor/friend of sorts.

Here's where it starts getting confusing.

She is the daughter of an ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago.

I am not friends with my X but we are ok and we chit chat when he’s picked her up from church functions (he is not a member).
  I have also met the girl’s mom (she is not married to my ex but they’ve been together for obviously at least 17 years).    

I’ve met the mom & although we are still just acquaintances, she helped me a lot when I was the organizer of the fundraiser for our Missions trip (that me and my FI went on with her daughter and incidentally that’s when I got engaged!) and she also emails me from time to time (‘forwards’ mostly lol).

Sooooo….who all do I invite? Lol
 The daughter doesn’t drive so if I just invite her more than likely her parents will drive her—so should I just invite them too (oh and her sister too who I don’t really know but they can’t leave their younger daughter home alone).   I have no problem with them being there as I like them all and last week when picking up her daughter up from our church she was asking me about the wedding and even let me know she makes wedding cakes.  Or is it just weird that I’m inviting my X & his GF to my wedding? 

Or do I just invite the daughter and let them figure out how to get her there (they live 5 minutes from the church so I guess it’s not a huge inconvenience) but I don’t want them to think I did not want to include them.

My senses are all confused about this guest list etiquette stuff!
   I even asked my FI if we should invite his ex-wife since his kids live with her and will be at the wedding and I felt bad that she would be alone that night!  Lol (i now know that is a no lol)

I would just address the envelope ‘the Smith Family’ and let them sort it out on their own but the GF and kids have a dif last name than my X! 

So that brings up another issue that if I do invite the whole family—how the heck should I address the envelope?!
  Lol Any help would be greatly appreciated—thanks! : )
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