Hi, ladies!  I have a question about limos.  I checked the recommended vendors and found Celebrity Limousines on there.  They seem to be the best for our needs and the cheapest, but I am also looking at Vogue Limousines as well.Does anyone who used either of these companies have any comments about them?  Good, bad, ugly?  Thanks in advance!

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    I used Celebrity - they were on time (actually a bit early) - knew where they were going - limo was clean, fully stocked - used our wedding colors.  And the price was way better than any of the other companies for the limo bus.
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    I used Vogue and was happy with them (in fact, I believe they were one of the knot's best picks for 2007/2008? I don't remember what year). My driver was very nice (even had a huge umbrella for me to use), on complaints really. Like most companies, you can't split up the hours, which I didn't realize (the contract confused me), so I reworked my timeline but it turned out fine. HTH!
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