Wedding Invitations & Paper

It's so hard to follow etiquette....when other people don't!

This is a little bit of a vent...
I just received a wedding invitation to my fiance's little sister's wedding. She hand delivered them at a family function over the weekend. Ok, not the worst thing ever but then it just said our first names on the invitation. Secondly, the invitation has on the bottom where they are registered at - not appropriate. Then lastly, the RSVP card envelope was pre-addressed to the bride, but they did not include a stamp on that envelope. I guess then I should be thankful that she did hand deliver them so then I just filled out the RSVP card and handed it back to her. Of course, when I was telling my fiance about all this, he just doesn't think it's a big deal.
It's SO hard to follow all this etiquette when other people don't seem to care! But I know that I do!
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