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Where do I find 64 cent stamps with a wedding theme?  I sent my fiance to the USPS and he came back with a 61 cent cake stamp, 3 cent flag and star stamp and for the RSVP postcards he had a 28 cent polar bear stamp!!  Can you believe it?  While I cannot take these oddly priced stamps back---I have to find wedding themed stamps ASAP to get them sent out. 
Does anyone know the best and least expensive way to purchase wedding themed stamps of odd rates?

Thanks so much!

Re: Wedding Stamps of odd rates

  • I think that's your only option.  The Post Office doesn't have a ton of wedding stamps out there.

    Before you mail though, have you taken two identical sealed invitations to the PO to see the cost?   You may be OK with a lower cost one but you need them to weigh it to be sure.
  • If you want a single stamp, the USPS just came out (May 17) with a 64 cent stamp with a butterfly on it. 

  • So you mean people typically send out multiple random stamps on invites?  After spending nearly $400 on the invites I hate to put an american flag and polar bear on them!!
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    If you go to you can buy wedding themed stamps in all colors and for whatever cost you needed.  I got green "love" stamps for my STD's in 78 cents bc I was mailing to Canada.  Warning, I got the small size bc I was using postcards, and they were huge! bigger than regular stamps, so I would get small regardless of the invitation size.

    here is the link

    They don't have 68, but if it was me I would just get the 78.  It be worth it to not have to load it up with random stamps, but thats just me.
  • I did get the 61 cent wedding cake stamp for my invites as this was no more difficult than getting a "regular" stamp.  However, I would not go to any extra trouble of ordering special stamps online.  The invitation will go up on someone's fridge, the envelope will be thrown in the trash.   I cannot recall ever noticing the postage on any invitation that I've ever received.  Don't stress about this.
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  • Check USPS online to see if they have any other options there that your local PO doesn't. I also agree taking two back to weigh them might be a smart idea. I've also heard they can just stamp the postage on there with a rubber stamper, while not ideal, this way you dont have 3 different multi stamps on there
  • Meganb, I feel your pain. I overpaid by 30-something cents on each invitation because I refused to put a hideously ugly green 6 cent stamp next to the wedding ring stamps. I did not spend all that time making my invitations and callgraphing the addresses to have them look all ugly because of the postage. (And I always look at the stamps on wedding invites- I love pretty stamps!) Lol.
  • Hey now, I put the polar bear stamps on our STDs.

    I ordered stamps from zazzle in $.95 denominations, but they are pricier. Your cheapest route is either several stamps or non-wedding stamps.
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