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Programs vs. Menu Cards

Hi all,

I'm trying to cut back on my paper budget and thinking of cutting menu cards.  IMO, I'd rather get a wedding program.

Which do u think is more important?

Re: Programs vs. Menu Cards

  • Could you just do one menu card per table? I like to know when I'm going to get served, but also like programs.
  • Can you DIY to save some money?  I didn't have menu cards at all.  I had DIY programs for under $20 and just an evening's worth of time.
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  • I've seen a few menu cards on the table placed in the middle that guests can pass around. has some inexpensive ones. It's nice to know what to expect in either case- the ceremony and reception. That's a toss up for me.
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  • Neither are necessary, but if you're asking what I personally prefer, it's a menu. I really couldn't care less who your bridal party is -- I either know you well enough to know or I don't care. Same with your music and readings. Who cares?

    But I do like to know if the first course is the first of 2 or 4 and what else might be coming so I know how much I want to eat of each course.
  • I agree, one menu per table should be okay.
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  • Meh, I'm not doing either.
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  • Are you having a buffet or plated dinner?

    You really could skip both.  If you're having a buffet, definitely skip the menus.
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  • I'd go with the program. I would rather know more about your WP or the order of the service, music, etc... If you can swing it, one menu per table as mentioned previously is a nice idea. 
  • I am planning on DIY regardless.  One menu per table could be nice...but I'm just nervous about it looking cluttered w/my CPs.  I'm planning on doing a tented table #.  Do you think people would realize if I put the menu on the back side?

    We're having a plated dinner w/options on RSVP.  On my w. website it gives more info on what the options are.
  • Our menus were really cheap - I did a few per table, and used leftover paper from other projects.  Our programs were more time consuming, but there are plenty of easy cheap options - photos of ours and lots of templates in my planning bio.
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  • I think programs are so much more significant than menu cards.  It is funny to me that people would prefer to know what they are going to eat than the details of hte ceremony.  Isn't the ceremony what it is all about???
  • Programs.

    Unless people are able to order off the menu (as opposed to choosing their entree ahead of time, or having a very small choice:  chicken or beef?), I don't really see the point of a menu card at all.

    A program is at least something you can read while you're waiting for the ceremony to start.  Having said that, my DD's MIL created enough programs to have 1 for each of her 100+ guests.  I think they had about 75 left over.  =)
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