Wedding Invitations & Paper

anyone use them for their invitations? If so how was the quality and experience?



  • I am planning to use them, but haven't ordered yet (I will this week).  The sample I received was great, and I really like how easy it is to customize everything (add lines, change all the fonts and spacing and everything), and since you get the pieces individually you can get exactly what you want.
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  • I was going to use them but every time I went on their website it would mess up and I'd have to start all over.  I ended up using and loved them.  Quality and customer service was great and they were very quick with the turnaround.  
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  • I used mygatsby and I got my invitations last week. They are really, really nice. I also ordered the email proof, which I had to sign off on before they were printed. I expected them to take 3-4 weeks, but I got them within 10 days of ordering. 

    Have you ordered a sample? I think their cardstock is very high quality and they do thermography printing. Along with my samples they also sent me a package with all their cardstock swatches so I could pick my colors. I couldn't be happier with my invites!
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