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My custom invites

My BFF who is an artist and a graphic artist just finished our custom designed invites! I'm sooooooo excited! She worked so hard on them.  Fixing pictures, getting the right colors, fonts, etc, etc, etc! It took hours and hours and hours.  I a so blessed to have a friend with her amazing talent. When I get a pic I'll show them off!

Re: My custom invites

  • Awesome! My cousin designed mine bacuse she does a lot of digital scrapbooking. I'm so excited with the results, but I feel bad because we were always changing something up to perfect it. Good thing these types of people have fun doing that! lol

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  • Problem! I got the invites yesterday and I hate them! The ink color on the pictures is awful! What do I do? My wedding is July 14th!
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    What you can then do is first relax. Then get a professional designer and take the designs to either a reliable local print shop or an online printing company. For the online printing company, I used they sure have a high quality in printing designs Goodluck to you dear!.
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