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 I'm getting ready to address my wedding invitations and just wanted an outside opinion on something. What is the proper way to address a envelope when adding "and family"?

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
         And Family
     Knottown, Texas


2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family
    Knottown, Texas

I think it's the first one but, just in case I need to be sure.


Re: Invitation adress help

  • I don't know if it matters.  When I addresses my envelopes for my STDs, I included the "and family" in either place that made the address flush. If that makes sense.


    Mr. and Mrs. Cakes
         and Family
    456 East Lake Ave.
      Knott, IL 40604

    I just made sure everything looked centered or flushed. 
  • ok I've done two and tried my first and family after the names and it looks wayyyyy to long and stupid. I'm like you all about flush and centered. It seems prettier. If people think I did it wrong they should have bought me a calligrapher,lol.

    Thanks ladies!
  • It should be number 1. 'And' on the same line indicates a married couple (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith or Mrs. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith). Not like anyone would get confused about that anyway, or care if they weren't a bride :)

    But I also agree it looks better on the next line anyway.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Invitation adress help</a>:
    [QUOTE]I can't remember if I read the post office likes or dislikes the zip code on a separate line. Either way is fine, but I'm weird about things being centered so I'm doing the same thing as bbycakes.
    Posted by lovethebeach16[/QUOTE]

    It's not their preference, but they don't return them to sender or charge extra postage for it. 
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