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Looking for custom-designed letterpress invitations - need recommendations

I have a very specific idea of what i'd like my invitations to look like, but i have yet to find anything that matches. i think i will need them to be custom designed. i was just wondering if anyone had this done before and any designers they would recommend? I'm also wondering how much this will cost me. I'd like to keep the invites around $800, for 150 invites. i will also be needing RSVP cards and envelopes.

thanks for any ideas or input you have!
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Re: Looking for custom-designed letterpress invitations - need recommendations

  • Honestly I think it will be very hard to find a place at that price point. I priced out 100 letterpress invitations at about $1200-1500, and those were not custom designs. For $800 I would try thermographic printing instead-it still looks elegant but it's much less expensive. If you have your heart set on letter press, Bella Figura is gorgeous.
  • Letterpress is pricey and may be over your budget.  We paid more than that for a set of 50 invitations with outer and inner envelopes and RSVP postcards (which is cheaper than using the kind with envelopes) and 75 thank you notes with envelopes.  You can probably definitely get something custom designed and flat printed within your price range.  Check with your local stationers and there should be people there who can do the design work and also let you know how much it will be.  Ours only charged $50 for laying everything out.
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  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by "custom designed." When we've investigated letterpress, we chose papers, ink colors, and a font or 5. Some lines of stationery have little pictures (2 doves or whatever) you can add. If you want pictures beyond the standard, it gets pricey fast.

    The quotes we got for about what you want were all over the map, too, from $300 to $800. Online, the cheapest was $1000 to $2000. The lowest quote was from a tiny shop in a tiny town we randomly found on a date very shortly after we got engaged. The higher quotes were from chain stores like Papyrus, selling brands like Vera Wang.

    I'd suggest trying to find a local shop. Every time you deal with a franchise or a brand, you're paying franchising fees and advertising costs. If this local shop does a good job at anything close to the other stores' prices, we will send everyone we know there, and find any excuse we can to order from him again. If it's bad, we might give up on letterpress or go with one of the chains/brands/internet outfits, and the owners know that.
  • I posted on weddingbee, but I got my letterpress invitations for around the price you are looking to pay.  There are several options with good reviews.  Mercurio Brothers, MK Printers all offer reasonably priced letterpress.

    I did mine with Jeronimo's Lithocraft, but designed them myself.
  • Check out, someone has recommended them to me
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