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Will the post office deem this font legible?

Hi ladies!  I don't normally post here, but I'm about ready to print out my outer envelopes and I just want to make sure that the font I'm using is legible and won't get sent back by the post office.

Please let me know your thoughts! 

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Re: Will the post office deem this font legible?

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Will the post office deem this font legible?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Its fine. The font I used was similar. You may get some responses that you're not supposed to print on envelopes, which technically, etiquette-wise, you're not. It should be a calligrapher or hand write them. I did it because it was just something I wasn't overly concerned as to whether I was following etiquette on.
    Posted by lovethebeach16[/QUOTE]
    Thanks for both the response and the heads up about the possibility of receiving some comments about the fact that I'm printing on the envelopes.  I know the rules, but I'm like you in that I'm really not concerned at all when it comes to that part of etiquette.  :-)
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    Im printing to, mostly because the post office wouldnt be able to read my handwritting, but even if they could i think i would still print them. I think they look better printed.
    And that font is pretty, what is it called?
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    The font is fine - but spell out the state name on the actual invitation :)
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    Don't forget to check and see if your printer has an  "envelopes" setting - usually the setting uses less ink than the standard setting, which helps it to bleed less - test out the "fast draft" setting compared to standard if you don't have an envelopes setting.
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    Since the font is rather swirly, try to avoid any instances of two caps together. Spell out what you can!

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