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best etsy vendors for invites

Hi ladies -- I'm leaning towards using ETSY for my wedding invites. I need about 135 total and don't want to spend more than $350-$400 max. Any recommendations? I know I can use the 'alchemy' option but I'm sorta pressed for time and can't sift through all the bids. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    My etsy seller is in my bio under Paper, she was amazing to work with, really tailored my invites to my needs, and it was $1 an invite with an envelope. She also added custom RSVP cards and inserts about the wedding website, all at a great price. I definitely recommend her!

    Just looked it up, she did an RSVP design for me for free (I won free RSVP postcards, so I just uploaded her design) and the inserts were $17.50 for 70 business card sized inserts.
  • If you do not mind printing it yourself, I would go with tayloredpaperdesigns. She does custom designs and can turn it around for you pretty quickly.
  • I'm using Etsy vendor buddyandbean for my invites. 65 invites with reply cards and return addresses printing on both will be right around $200. Expensive per piece but totally worth it to me! This vendor is really responsive and offers great ideas. HTH!
  • I second pp about appleberryink!! I just got my sample and they're very nice! She's got a design that I love with swirls...but I know she will do a custom design too. I'm in her area and I think I'm going to meet with her soon. I'll let you know how it goes!
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