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Lost reception venue - need help figuring out how to inform people of new site

Help! My wedding is less than seven weeks away and I found out two days ago that my church made a big mistake. We are getting married at Sierra Madre Congregational Church (SMCC), and we were on the calendar for the use of the church and reception hall. Alas, the reception hall was booked back in March for a womens's conference, and the person at the church did not put it on the calendar!


At this late date everything is booked, but miraculously the Romanesque Room is free. I am meeting with the woman this week, but I think it will turn out to be a nice reception venue.


Here is where I am stuck. The invitations are ready to go out the door. If we wait to add reception info, we will be delayed by at least a week. Most likely the invitations would not get to people until five weeks before the wedding date.


We were thinking of passing out reception info at the wedding (with the programs, perhaps). But I also wondered about mailing out separate reception info. The venue is about 20 minutes away from the church and I don't want people to be caught off guard. If we wait until the wedding to let them know the location, they might not be able to plan accordingly.


If we mail out a separate notice, should they match the invitations exactly or can we do something different for fun? We loved our invitation site and had trouble narrowing it down to one option. This might be our chance to try something else we liked. But I wonder what it will look like if it is a whole separate type of invitation.


I just don't know what is going to look okay. We are having a very formal wedding and I don't want to do anything that looks tacky.


 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to all!

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